CPRA Privacy Note

Information for California Residents


We collect Personal Data from Consumers and comply with the California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”). In addition to our general Privacy Notice available at https://ensembl.shop/policies/privacy-policy, this California Privacy Notice applies to California residents (“Consumers,” “you,” or “your”).


For the purposes of this California Privacy Notice, “Personal Data” means information that is linked or reasonably linkable to a particular individual or household. However, the following categories of information are not Personal Data:


●  Publicly available information;

●  Deidentified or aggregated data; or

●  Information otherwise excluded from the scope of the CPRA.


This Privacy Notice provides the following information to California Consumers:


●  Categories of Personal Data we collect;

●  Purposes for which we use Personal Data;

●  Categories of Personal Data we disclose to third parties;

●  Categories of third parties to which we disclose Personal Data; and

●  How Consumers can exercise their rights under the CPRA:

o   The rights to access, correct, or delete Personal Data;

o   The right to obtain a portable copy of Personal Data;

o   The right to limit the use of sensitive personal data in certain circumstances; and

o   The rights to opt out of the sharing of Personal Data for behavioral advertising, sales of personal data, or certain profiling.


Categories of Non-Sensitive Personal Data


The table below outlines the categories of Personal Data Dropit for America, Inc. collects about Consumers and whether and how they are disclosed to third parties.


We collect Non-Sensitive Personal Data from the following sources:

·  Directly from our users

·  Inferences from your activity

· From our affiliates

Category of Personal Data: Identifiers
Category of Personal Data: Commercial Information
Category of Personal Data: Internet/Electronic Activity
Category of Personal Data: Imprecise Geolocational

Categories of Sensitive Personal Data


We do not Process any categories of Sensitive Personal Information

Use of Personal Data


We use Personal Data for the purposes described in our general Privacy Notice (see https://ensembl.shop/policies/privacy-policy). Personal Data may also be used or disclosed as otherwise permitted or required by applicable law.


Disclosing Personal Data


We share Personal Data with the following categories of third parties:


●  Processors: We use processors to securely handle Personal Data on our behalf and only on our instructions. These companies may not use your Personal Data for their own purposes.

●  Affiliates: We may share your information with our affiliates, subsidiaries, and representatives as part of providing our services.

●  Our Business Partners: We may share relevant personal data with our business partners to provide you with exclusive offers for products and services that may interest you.


See the table above for more details about how different categories of Personal Data are shared.


We do not sell Personal Data to anyone.


Exercising Your Personal Data Rights


California Consumers have the following rights under the CPRA:


●  The rights to access, correct, or delete Personal Data;

●  The right to obtain a portable copy of Personal Data;

●  The right to limit the use of Sensitive Personal Data in certain circumstances; and

●  The rights to opt out of the sharing of Personal Data for behavioral advertising, sales of personal data, or certain profiling.


If you are a California Consumer, you can submit a request to exercise your personal data rights under the CPRA by visiting our online request tool at https://www.requesteasy.com/6387-5822. To protect your privacy, we may need to authenticate your identity before we respond to your rights request. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to verify your identity for this purpose. Any information you provide to authenticate your identity will only be used to process your rights request.  Please be aware that we do not accept or process rights requests through other means (e.g., via fax or social media).


After submitting your request online, you will receive a follow-up email, which may include a link you must click on in order to verify your identity. If you do not click on that link, we may be unable to complete your request due to lack of verification. It is important that you provide a valid email address in order for us to be able to process your request.


We will respond to your rights request within 45 days, though in certain cases we may inform you that we will need up to another 45 days to act on your request. If we suspect fraudulent or malicious activity on or from your account, we will delay taking action on your request until we can appropriately verify your identity and the request as authentic. Also note that each of the rights are subject to certain exceptions.


We reserve the right to decline to process, or charge a reasonable fee for, requests from a Consumer that are manifestly unfounded, excessive, or repetitive.


Behavioral Advertising


The CPRA defines “sharing” as disclosing Personal Data to a third party for behavioral advertising, sometimes referred to as “targeted advertising.” An example of this is displaying advertisements to a consumer where the advertisement is selected based on Personal Data obtained from that consumer's activities over time and across nonaffiliated websites or online applications to predict such consumer's preferences or interests. We share some Personal Data for behavioral advertising. You can opt out of the sharing of your Personal Data for behavioral advertising by submitting a rights request as described above.


Limiting the Use of Sensitive Personal Data


The CPRA provides a right to limit some uses of Sensitive Personal Data. In particular, you may direct companies not to use Sensitive Personal Data except as necessary to provide goods or services you have requested.  However, Dropit for America, Inc. does not Process any Sensitive Data.


Authorized Agent Requests


The CPRA allows you to designate an authorized agent to make a rights request on your behalf. Your authorized agent may submit such a request by following the same method described above. We may require verification of your authorized agent in addition to the information for verification above for Consumers and households.


Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this California Privacy Notice, contact dataprotection@dropitshopping.com.

Last updated: January 1, 2023