We make your OMS smarter.

Dropit’s AI plug-in delivers optimized fulfillment, smarter returns & total inventory visibility.

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Dropit’s AI was developed in the field, serving fulfillment & optimization solutions to over 600 retail partners worldwide

How we make your fulfillment & returns smarter

1. Unify

Unify inventories for full visibility & control

2. Integrate AI

Layer AI decision making into your systems

3. Optimize

Continuously optimize fulfillment & returns

Unified Inventory Visibility

View all your inventory in one place

Get a unified view of your e-Commerce and physical store inventories through a real-time inventory dashboard that shows you exactly what you have and where.

“Dropit is able to provide retailers with a single source of truth when it comes to their inventory.”
London TechWatch
Smart Fulfillment

Enhance your OMS

Drive operational efficiency & customer satisfaction with AI that layers into existing fulfillment systems.

  • Avoid out of stock
  • Lower excess inventory rates
  • Accelerate cycle time
  • Speed up delivery to customer
  • Tailor AI rulebooks to meet goals
Smart Returns

Maximize the value of every return

Route return items to the right location - store, distribution center, or return facility - every time.

  • Minimize product time off shelf
  • Reduce reverse logistics costs
  • Avoid markdowns and excess inventory
  • Decrease out of stock
  • Reduce shrinkage

“L'OCCITANE could not ask for a better fulfill-by-store partner than Dropit; they are professional, flexible and put the customer first”.

The Dropit Difference

Supercharge your store fulfillment

Dropit AI elevates and optimizes omnichannel fufillment to drive conversion and optimize allocation.

Dropit Dashboard

Full control & visibility

Access fulfillment, delivery and return details in one place. Customize and continuously optimize allocation rules to align with your brand’s needs.

“At the heart of Dropit’s platform are integrations- it can connect to any point in the sales or fulfillment chain”.

How we use AI

We apply AI to internal fulfillment data & external data points to optimize sourcing and routing in real time for every fulfillment and return.

Experts agree.

Dropit is changing the game.

100 most promising in global retail tech
UK’s most innovative retail tech creators

No need to rip and replace

Our light integration layers AI into your existing tech stack, so you can optimize fulfillment hassle-free.