Shop More. Carry Less.

Let your customers shop in maximum comfort - bag free - with Dropit Handsfree Shopping.

‍Shopper Benefits:

  1. Shop in comfort and move from store to store without heavy bags
  2. Unlimited bags & drops all day long 
  3. Collect on site in one convenient, consolidated pickup 

Store Benefits:

  1. Drive higher ATVs  & increase dwell time
  2. Attract more customers  when you join the HFS network
  3. Offer an upgraded shopping experience with no operational changes or burdens to store staff
  4. Take advantage of Dropit’s array of conversion-driving omnichannel solutions- ask for details!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much will HFS cost my store?
  2. Not a thing! Your shopping centre is taking care of setup and subscription fees for all partner brands!
  3. What if I don't have the staff, space, or time for HFS?
  4. Dropit manages the entire service without requiring additional resources, time, or space from your store. Customers download the Dropit app from the store’s unique QR code and our intuitive booking interfaces guide them through a short booking.  The Guest Services team collects the bags from the store within 20 minutes of a booking so that they never accumulate in the front or back of the house.
  5. Will explaining the HFS service to my customers draw attention away from my products?
  6. Definitely not! HFS is customer-led and helps stores increase and complete sales by giving customers the option to maximize their shopping and have their bags held securely until they are ready to collect them.  Stores using HFS have been seen to have ATVs that are 4.5x higher than stores without HFS. 
  7. Do I need to connect the service to my tills?
  8. Dropit’s HFS functions independently of the store’s information systems, without the need to integrate into your inventory or POS. Dropit provides all the devices, software, and supplies needed for the service.  
  9. What if our in-store network signal isn’t reliable?
  10. Dropit’s experience with shopping centres throughout the UK and Europe has helped us to prepare for these kinds of challenges. During onboarding, we take your network needs into consideration and provide all necessary devices to ensure the service will be operable at all times.
  11. What if there’s an issue with a customer’s drop?
  12. All Dropit bookings are fully insured up to £10,000 from the moment they’re logged into our system. We oversee the entire process from end-to-end, supplying customers with 24/7 service where they can make queries.