Introducing the next evolution of Handsfree Shopping (HFS)

Friction-free delivery-from-store service

Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Why is HFS changing?
    2. Dropit’s Handsfree Shopping service is transitioning to a concierge-style format that allows stores to offer deliveries from store to door as a bespoke service, without a middleman.
    3. How does HFS benefit my store?
    4. HFS allows stores and brands to distinguish themselves from their competitors with a delivery-from-store offering that has the look and feel of a white glove offering, without the heavy lifting of managing courier relationships and deliveries.
    5. What’s included in the latest version of the HFS service?
    6. HFS provides brands with a fully-managed, insured and automated delivery-from-store solution. Dropit provides all hardware, user interfaces, supplies, training, and support that stores need to book and send customer’s purchases from store to door.
    7. What kind of deliveries are offered?
    8. We offer standard delivery (3-5 business days) to any address in the United States. Local deliveries (1-2 business days) are available in some locations. The most up-to-date delivery offerings can be found on the in-store device, on the booking page of the Dropit app.
    9. What are the latest prices for deliveries and services fees?
    10. Delivery fees vary by location and courier availability. Most fees range from $10 - $15. The most updated fees are available in the Dropit app, on the booking page.
    11. Who pays for the deliveries?
    12. Fees can be paid by the customer, by the store, or shared. Our team will help to create an operational flow that meets your store’s individual needs.
    13. Do I need to connect the service to my POS?
    14. We can connect our system to your POS to streamline payment to Dropit, but it’s not entirely necessary. Stores may opt to receive monthly invoices from Dropit instead.
    15. How do we book a delivery?
    16. Partner stores create courier bookings through the Dropit app on the in-store device, during the checkout process. Thanks to the app’s easy-to-use interfaces, bookings can be completed in less than two minutes.
    17. What if the store staff has a problem with the booking?
    18. Dropit’s service chat is available 24/7 to assist stores with bookings. The app is also equipped with an automated help section for troubleshooting.
    19. How often are packages collected from the store?
    20. Packages are collected from stores by a courier once a day, usually in the evening. Deliveries that are booked after the daily collection will be collected the following business day. The most updated collection times are available in the booking page of the Dropit app.
    21. Can shoppers still book their own delivery through the consumer app?
    22. Shoppers can no longer use the consumer app to book their own deliveries. Deliveries can only be booked by a store assistant, through the Dropit in-store device.
    23. What if a shopper wants to collect on site? Is it possible?
    24. HFS is a delivery-from-store solution that does not coordinate on-site collection. Brands that wish to enable their stores for on-site collection can contact michalp@dropitshopping,com for further details.
    25. What if there’s an issue with a customer’s delivery?
    26. All Dropit bookings are fully insured up to $10,000 from the moment they’re logged into our system. We oversee the entire process from end-to-end, supplying customers with 24/7 service where they can make queries.