What is Dropit Fulfillment?

‍Why the PRINT LABELS button is not clickable?

‍Why the PRINT LABELS button is not clickable?

‍The printer is not working.

‍The customer called and asked to make changes to his order. What should I do?

The app isn’t recognizing the delivery address. Why not?

‍How can I replace a bag after I packed it?

‍The app is not working (loading screen is present and I cannot act on anyapp features).

Our device is not switching on and has a yellow exclamation mark on thescreen. What to do?

How should I handle missing items in the picking process?

‍I forgot to pack an item(s) and need to add more bags to the delivery

‍I ran out of Dropit bags and/or label stickers. What should I do?

I forgot the store code.

How can I reject an order?