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Open Your Shopping Centers to the Online World

Gain a brand new revenue stream, reach a wider customer base
while enhancing the in-person shopping experience.

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The Platform

The Dropit Platform connects the portfolio of stores and brands within the network of shopping centers into a single online marketplace. By digitizing the physical retail experience, shopping centers leverage their proximity to the customer to optimize fulfillment.

Key Benefits

New Sales Platform

Acquire a new sales channel by digitally mirroring the shopping center with one cart checkout and multiple delivery options.

Sell Online Anytime

Take the shopping experience beyond geographical and time limitations to reach customers anytime.

Operate Sustainably

Operate sustainably by consolidating deliveries and pickups to reduce split shipments and packaging waste.

Flexible Pickup & Fast Delivery

Provide same day, next-day and national shipping options for both in-store and online purchases, and offer curbside pickup.

Customer Experience

Increase dwell time and enhance the in-person retail and entertainment experience with bag-free shopping services.

Aggregated Courier Services

Streamline shipping with our multi-courier aggregator and automatic booking system for all service types.

The Marketplace

The Marketplace digitizes the existing infrastructure of shopping centers to enable retailers and brands to sell on an industry-first marketplace that benefits the entire retail ecosystem. Brands can utilize their existing inventory and convert the store shelf into a distribution point. 

Our intelligent smart order routing provides the capability to fulfill orders based on proximity to the customer and on-shelf availability for optimised fulfillment and shipping. 

  • Acquire A New Sales Platform

  • Ship Faster & Closer to the Customer

  • Expand Customer Reach

  • Collect Omnichannel Data

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Enhance The Retail Experience with Handsfree Shopping

Handsfree Shopping is designed to increase the in-person retail experience. Shoppers can explore all available entertainment activities while having their bags safely stored and waiting for collection, or sent to their home, hotel or office.

By enabling customers to drop unlimited bags, our platform mirrors eCommerce's one-cart checkout and consolidated shipping. We integrate with multiple courier aggregators for a variety of shipping options based on performance and price.

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DORA - Omnichannel Data platform

Onboarding to the Dropit Platform, shopping centers acquire real-time data based on their performance across the entire business: in-store and online. With DORA, get to know your customers better by viewing shopping journeys, spending habits and customer demographics.

DORA is a powerful tool for optimizing retail operations, launching tailored marketing campaigns, retargeting and much more.

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Unlock the Potential
of Your Shopping Centers

Online and In-Store

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