"The Retail Delivery Experience" by Farid Mohsen, Sales Director Dropit

by Farid Mohsen, Sales Director Dropit

April 21, 2021

In the post-pandemic world, a seamless customer experience and fast fulfillment of orders are what your customers now expect. Dropit’s Sales Director Farid Mohsen shares his thoughts on how retailers can best meet this expectation.

In today’s retail industry, brick-and-mortar stores, and eCommerce place an even greater focus on creating a seamless customer experience. When it comes to delivery and meeting consumer expectations, convenience, personalisation, and expediency reign supreme, and for good reason. 

Customers are more knowledgeable and connected than ever before.  With just a few clicks they can search and scan competing retailers (and prices), and make a purchase on their mobile device.  They can easily discern where to spend their money, what they want to buy, and whether or not your business is deserving of their hard-earned cash.  With products becoming more readily available from competing retailers the consumer is drawn to the differentiating factors, chief amongst them being: price and delivery.                   

So, what makes you stand out? 

Provision and fulfillment are at the heart of satisfying your customer. In other words, have you got the products the customer wants, and can you get it to them quickly? Utilising inventory across your entire store estate to fulfill customer orders - including eCommerce - brings you closer to the customer.  This then enables you to fulfill orders regardless of whether you have the stock in your DC.  

"Have you got the products the customer wants, and can you get it to them quickly?"

With fulfillment options now more than a “nice to have”, expedited delivery, particularly same-day delivery, is an expectation with over 50% of consumers*. The question for the consumer is less, “can I get what I want?”, and more “can I get it when I want?”. The question for your business is both “have we got what they want” and “can we get it to them when they want it”.  True customer-centricity comes from both a shift in your business model and mindset. 

Sources: https://www.invespcro.com/blog/same-day-delivery/

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